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Following harmonization between AIAG and VDA, the new FMEA methodology is described in the new handbook of the two Federations using a process-oriented approach for design and process FMEAs that meet the needs of both industry groups.

Again and again FMEA moderators complain that the current FMEA software does not meet the new requirements of AIAG and VDA. Applications are mostly built like databases and make life difficult when creating and editing the FMEA. Furthermore, the applications have not been updated for at least a decade. The adjustments to the new 7 steps may still take some time. MS Excel is out of the question as the advantages of a clear structure tree and automated creation of documents are not possible.

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FMEA.PRO is the simplest software with which the FMEA acc. the new specifications of the AIAG and VDA can be created quickly, structured and clearly arranged. The software enables suppliers from all industries to effectively address technical risks throughout the product and process development process by developing a robust, accurate and complete DFMEA and PFMEA that meets their customers needs.

The advantages of FMEA.PRO at a glance

  • Structured processing and representation of the 7 steps of the FMEA
  • Integrated Knowledge Management Strategy – Lessons Learned
  • Failure And Risk Management

Structured approach of the 7 steps of the FMEA

The most noticeable change in the AIAG VDA manual is the new approach to FMEA development: the 7-step process. It provides a framework for accurate, relevant and complete documentation of technical risks. This new framework is precise as it uses technical terms to describe failure modes and their possible causes. This is relevant because the failure effects describe the technical consequences of failures. Finally, it is complete because it uses the focus element, which includes both a top-level and bottom-level approach, and allows a comprehensive risk assessment.

Advantages of FMEA.PRO based on the structured approach

FMEA.PRO is instrumental in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of a multidisciplinary team:

More risks can be tackled comprehensively!

Multi-disciplinary reviews of the FMEA trigger “technically guided reflections” instead “unfocused brainstorming” and avoid an attitude of discouragement in the context of the FMEA.

FMEA.PRO enables management to identify and review the necessary measures and resources to mitigate technical risks

Presentation and use of the gained knowledge

Another key difference is the improved alignment of, for example, defining analysis limits and the creation of baseline FMEAs with lessons learned, and the clear definition of roles and responsibilities (management, technical leaders, facilitators, team members) are explicitly included in the FMEA preparation.

Improved planning and preparation can help you avoid waste of time by the multidisciplinary team due to lack of concentration and availability of relevant information.

The basic advantages of FMEA.PRO are:

With FMEA.PRO you reduce the risk of relapses in the past due to loss of knowledge in terms of sales turnover and retirement.

Time saved in FMEA creation FMEA is a solid starting point for FMEA in similar products and processes

Enable practicability in the concept of “FMEA as a living file”

Clarity for management to estimate and allocate resources to standardize lessons learned

FMEA.PRO is used to determine the severity, occurrence, and detection rates of failures. For example, the assessment of the effectiveness of current prevention and detection controls, experience with products and processes and the maturation of detection methods are included in the criteria.

In addition, the new Action Priority (AP) logic or the well-established RPZ (Risk Priority Numbers) can be selected for risk analysis as desired.


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