FMEA 4 in 1 – FMEA basis knowledge + FMEA.PRO Software Training + FMEA Software + FMEA knowledgebase

Webinar – The easiest way to get a first look at the FMEA and our software

FMEA 4 in 1

  1. FMEA basis knowledge (Webinar)
  2. FMEA.PRO Softwaretraining
  3. FMEA Software
  4. FMEA knowledgebase

The FMEA basic knowledge / FMEA basic seminar offers a comprehensive overview of the application areas and the embedding of the FMEA method in quality strategies. Extended working methods as well as the distinction between system, design and process FMEA are discussed in detail. Important core elements of the seminar are the VDA-compliant application of the 7 steps of the FMEA, which have established themselves across all industries.

  • Consistent compliance with the 7 steps of the FMEA
  • High acceptance and universal applicability in all industries
  • Software and form independent training
  • Improved handling of the FMEA method in the individual project
  • Increased acceptance of the FMEA in the company


  • introduction to the topic
    • „Quality Management“ and FMEA
    • „Risk Management“ by FMEA
    • „Knowledge Management“ using FMEA
  • Introduction to the FMEA
  • FMEA basic knowledge
    • Effort, benefits and goals of the FMEA
    • Overview of different FMEA forms
    • FMEA examples
  • Aids (FMEA)
    • methods
      • Ishikawa
      • 5 x Why
      • Creativity methods (mind map, brainstorming, decision matrix, etc.)

The 7 steps of FMEA

  • Scope / Scoping / Project planning
    • Objectives Scope of consideration / Scoping / Project planning
    • FMEA project planning (who, what, when, how, with)
    • method
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • structural analysis
    • Objective of the structural analysis
    • method
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • functional analysis
    • Goal of the functional analysis
    • method
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • fault analysis
    • Goal of the error analysis
    • method
    • Exercises in the FMEA with the method Ishikawa combined with 5 x Why
    • Targeted error analysis & root cause analysis using questioning techniques
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • risk assessment
    • Objectives of the risk assessment
    • Significance (B), Occurrence (A), Discovery (E), Risk Priority Number (RPN)
    • B x A x E = RPZ
      • Elimination of RPZ, but AP (Action Priority) | Risk Matrix (RMR)
      • W x A
      • W x D
      • A x E
      • AP (Action Priority)
    • Critical examination of the evaluations
    • evaluation catalogues
    • method
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • optimisation
    • Goals of the optimization
    • method
    • Practice Workshop / Moderation Exercises
  • Risk & result documentation
    • Goal of risk & result documentation
    • method
    • Practice Workshop
  • Workshop: Development of a common FMEA
  • FMEA in the product development process (PEP)
    • Basic / variant management with the FMEA
  • work in groups
    • FMEA moderation with examples
  • FMEA role allocation
    • FMEA moderator
    • FMEA team
  • FMEA workshops
    • FMEA Worksbook / eBook
  • Questions and Discussion

Extended benefits

  • Practical case studies (tailored to your company)
  • The training takes place in a pleasant training atmosphere.
  • Trainer with many years of practical experience.
  • Free space for exchange of experience and knowledge exchange.
  • Small groups for optimal learning success and enough space for discussion.

Access to the FMEA.PRO software solution *

  • FMEA.PRO Software solution with own instance and access protection on our company server

(* 1 year free)


  • Demo access to the FMEA software on our company server
  • Detailed training documents
  • Advanced training materials, templates, checklists and forms in digital form
  • Photo documentation of the featured flipcharts & workshops
  • Business catering incl. Breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks during the event


  • 1 Day / 9:00-17:00


  • Attendance certificate after the attendance event


  • $ 500 per participant plus VAT.