Voices to the software

The FMEA solution is effective, goal-oriented and sustainable. Company-specific and practical requirements are taken into account.
Markus Rechtenbacher
Head of Construction VAF GMBH

With the new VDA / AIAG FMEA band and the upcoming changes you will hardly get around FMEA software. FMEA.PRO is a solution that can be implemented without much training.
Viktor Schnurr
VDA license coach

In March of this year, I took part in the FMEA facilitator training, which was as hands-on as just a few training courses I have attended so far. In this context, I was able to work intensively with the FMEA software. Already on the second day I had the processes and the operation of the software in flesh and blood – really very intuitive and easy to use. I can only recommend this tool to everyone. A big advantage in comparison with many other, often very expensive solutions is the clarity even with several FMEAs within a project. My heartfelt thanks go to the entire team for the enriching insights.
Danny Graf
Interim and Change Manager

Straightforward and fast operation. A pleasure for the user. FMEA creation and presentation made easy.
Hakan Kocas
FMEA Consultant & Trainer

My role as FMEA moderator has changed completely due to the software implementation. We made life difficult for ourselves with Excel, without structure analysis and clean descriptions of the system elements. For us the FMEA software solution is best suited. Good work!
FMEA moderator

Experienced trainer and use of practical examples from the professional life of the participants make the content easier to understand. A clear and easy-to-use software helps to keep track of everything right from the start.
Manuel Kollmuss
QMB, FMEA Coordinator & Moderator

The software has evolved from the knowledge that most software solutions are too difficult to use. Especially as a big provider of FMEA moderator training, we noticed that the moderator fights too much with the software solution instead of skilfully using his questioning techniques and, above all, using the dynamics of the group. The FMEA software solution FMEA.PRO can be operated after a short instruction and thus a plus for all FMEA participants.
André Kapust
FMEA Trainer & Mentor